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"Miriam helped me not only to breastfeed but to bond with my baby and feel confident again"

- Kate Smart

Just like a lot of first time mums out there, my first hurdle in motherhood was breastfeeding. During one of those sleepless nights during the first week of having my baby girl I found myself emailing Miriam, after spending about an hour trying  (and failing) to breastfeed my baby.  To my surprise (and relief) Miriam replied straight away and came to visit me the next day.

Miriam was really caring and made me feel at ease straightaway and the horrible feeling of guilt for not being able to breastfeed my baby was completely gone. Her positive, non- judgemental and calm demeanour made me  feel like I have known her forever. During her visit she showed me how to latch correctly, checked for tongue tie, took time to explain how milk supply works, came up with a plan of how and when to feed, and gave really useful tips about how to make breastfeeding work for me and my baby. The one-to-one practical, hands-on advice that Miriam has given me has been invaluable.

If you want to breastfeed your baby and you are struggling, please try to see Miriam before you give up. I couldn’t not recommend her highly enough and she is the only reason I am still managing to breastfeed my baby 4 months in!


I am a first time mum and I have always wanted to breastfeed my baby because I believe there is nothing better than that. I was lucky enough to have a very good start, but by day 3, I gave my baby a dummy to sooth her to sleep and after that she couldn’t latch on properly to my breast again. As she wasn’t getting enough milk from the bad latch she was crying hungry and trying feed continuously. This resulted in my nipples being so sore, cracked and bleeding that I had to bite on something every time she latched on and it continued to hurt the entire feed. After 24 hours I was in so much pain my husband suggested we give up and switch to formula. 


Fortunately I found Miriam on LCGB website and she single handedly rescued the situation in about half an hour. She was able to come to our house, as we were house bound. She made me feel very comfortable. I didn’t need to get ready and dressed up. She made me feel comfortable enough to stay in my pyjamas as she came into our bedroom where I was in a complete state. She calmed both the baby and me and very quickly got to the root of the problem. She adjusted the latch and taught me how to put the baby on my breast correctly. After that it didn’t hurt to latch or feed my baby. She stayed for another hour as I practiced feeding my baby and gave me a lot of useful information not just on breastfeeding but looking after babies in general, as most of it is really about feeding at this stage. 


I asked Miriam to come back for a follow up a few days later. She found us in a very different place this time. Both a lot more relaxed and happy. She gave us some more tips and made a couple more adjustments and I have been breastfeeding for 5 weeks now. I have been brave enough to feed in public a couple of times using a cover and my baby is gaining weight perfectly. 


Miriam didn’t just help me to get the latch right but she gave me the confidence and reassurance that I can do it. And I did, thanks to her. I would highly recommend Miriam and I’m looking forward to seeing her in her workshops as my baby gets older and her feeding needs change. 



"Big thanks to Miriam. I called her after 5 weeks of breastfeeding pain that wasn’t getting any better. Multiple midwives found no obvious latching problems. Miriam was the first to diagnose the posterior tongue tie condition in our little one, and she gave us suggestions where to get it fixed quickly and hassle-free; we were very happy with the experience. 


In a very thorough manner she also suggested I rule out all possible problems by checking for thrush and/or infection, which also turned out to be present. Thanks to her spot-on suggestions, the situation has greatly improved" 



"Miriam has just left our home and I cannot believe the difference she has made in such a short amount of time. She has turned my breastfeeding journey completely around.

I’ve been suffering with immense pain on one side whilst feeding, making it unbearable which my midwives had completely brushed off due to me successfully breastfeeding 3 children previously. I was bleeding from that side and the nipple was horrendously cracked/blistered and the pain was something I cannot quite describe. I point blank didn’t want to breastfeed any more and spent my feeds in tears.

Within minutes she had noticed he was tongue tied, something which the hospital overlooked and noticed my reluctance to feed on the effected side which had caused the pain to worsen as I wasn’t attaching him properly.

She’s shown me how to overcome this with a few simple techniques, and it’s now COMPLETELY pain free on that side.

Her knowledge is unfathomable, she made me feel incredibly relaxed and she really is worth her weight in gold.

I’d recommend her to any nursing mothers.  Thank you"


"Dear Miriam - I wanted to say thank you for all your support with my son Philip (first baby!) You were truly amazing, supportive in these first few weeks after birth. My nipples were damaged due to lack of technique and your calm, comforting approach and knowledge saved me & Philip allowing me to nurse him properly. You helped both physically and emotionally not to mentioned going out of your way to assist when I was crying in pain and despair late in the evening. It is a wonderful thing you are doing and I can see how many hundreds of people you are helping. Best wishes"



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